N2 series to 44MS

Rolls-Royce Phantom 2: N2 series to 44MS

The following list of chassis numbers includes all those recorded for this chassis series. This information has been drawn from several authoritative sources and we understand it to be accurate. If you spot any errors please let us know. Occasionally Rolls-Royce re-numbered a chassis and this will be noted.

62JS 63JS 64JS 65JS 66JS 67JS 68JS 69JS 70JS 71JS 72JS 73JS 74JS 75JS 76JS 77JS 78JS 79JS 80JS 81JS 82JS 83JS 84JS 85JSX 86JS 277AJS 278AJS 279AJS 280AJS 281AJS 282AJS 283AJS 284AJS 285AJS 286AJS 287AJS 288AJS 289AJS 290AJS 291AJS 292AJS 293AJS 294AJS 295AJS 296AJS 297AJS 298AJS 299AJS 300AJS 301AJS 302AJS 303AJS 2MS 4MS 6MS 8MS 10MS 12MS 14MS 16MS 18MS 20MS 22MS 24MS 26MS 28MS 30MS 32MS 34MS 36MS 38MS 40MS 42MS 44MS 201AMS 202AMS 203AMS 204AMS 205AMS 206AMS 207AMS 208AMS 209AMS 210AMS 211AMS 212AMS 214AMS 215AMS 216AMS 217AMS 218AMS 219AMS 220AMS 221AMS 222AMS 223AMS 224AMS