THC: Water Hose Clips

Water Hose Clips

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Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
THC009 Hose clip, "O" clip, 11mm - 13mm POA
THC010 Hose clip, "O" clip, 13mm - 15mm (9/16") £0.98
THC011 Hose clip, "O" clip, 15mm - 18mm POA
THC110 Hose clip, brass, 1.10" - 1.25" diam £17.57
THC125 Hose clip, brass, 1.25" - 1.37" diam £17.57
THC150 Hose clip, brass, 1.50" - 1.62" diam £17.57
THC175 /PC124 Hose clip, brass, 1.75" - 1.87" diam £17.57
THC200 /PC125 Hose clip, brass, 2.00" - 2.12" diam £17.57
THC225 /PC126 Hose clip, brass, 2.25" - 2.37" diam £17.57

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