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Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
MC010 Rear mounting complete £304.50
MC020 EB1151 Aluminium clamp, rear mounting £43.82
MC030 U-bolt, rear mounting £14.89
MC040 G77396 Cross bolt, through MC020 £10.72
MC050 E84697 Bolt, through sprung hanger £15.65
MC060 E52706 Bolt, through tail pipe clamp £15.38
MC070MS Tail pipe clamp, mild steel £46.23
MC075MS Clamp, 2nd silencer box, rear £46.23
MC080 EB564 Spacer, intermediate mounting cross-bolt £7.51
MC090 EB797 Intermediate mounting triangular hanger POA
MC100 EB577 Bracket, triangulated link to sump £27.54
MC110 EB584 Bracket, anchorage, to side of sump, Bentley £33.90
MC900 Mounting, exhaust, rubber (cotton reel) £4.49
MCC050 E72897 Strap, supporting main silencer, Phantom 1 POA
MCD100 E78885 Bracket, exhaust anchorage, to side of sump, P2 £48.22
MCH010 EB3559 Exhaust mounting strap, Wraith £30.83
MCR010 Bolt, central, 20/25 exhaust suspension mount £18.09
MCR108 E57779 Bracket, front, anchorage to side of sump, 20/25 GKT22 - F2 POA
MCR110 E60211 Bracket, front, anchorage to side of sump, 20/25 G2 - K2 £27.54
MCR120 E60212 Bracket, rear, anchorage to side of sump, 20/25 G2 - K2 £14.16
MCR125 E60328 Bracket stay, to intermediate pipe, 20/25, GAF52 on POA

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