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Lamps and lights

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Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
LH001 Hinge pin, P100 headlamp POA
LH005A Spring clip ret. headlamp glass, R100 £3.19
LH006 Cork seal, glass to external rim, P100S. £19.17
LH006A Seal, glass to external rim, R100 (11 1/4" OD) £12.60
LH011 Solenoid, headlamp tilting reflector, exchange only £158.15
LH019 Headlamp reflector spring £35.14
LH020 Headlamp clamp bracket. 1 1/4" dia £83.95
LH021 Headlamp dipping solenoid return spring P100 £5.25
LH022 Stoneguard, P100 headlamp £187.20
LH023 Stoneguard, FT67 foglamp £166.72
LH025 Cover, P100 headlamp £57.71
LH030R Sidelamp - Lucas Torpedo, 3 1/2L - original restored £209.41
LH041 Lens for Sidelamp, frosted glass - 4 1/4L, Ace Cornercroft. £193.74
LH053 Spotlamp glass FT57 / FT58 £67.66
LH060A Replacement lens. Amber/red. £17.34
LH066A Red/amber stop/tail/flasher conversion kit for Lucas ST38 'pork pie' lamp (pair) £64.16
LH066B Lucas ST38 'pork pie' lamp. Black with Red/amber stop/tail/flasher £96.71
LH068 Lens, red, rear lamp. For LH067 £17.37
LH071 Number Plate Light, Chrome. Lucas L467 £32.79
LH080 Red lens, rear, round perspex £121.61
LH085 Clear lens, rear, round perspex £121.61
LH087 Rear lamp Lucas D shaped ST51 replica - split lens - chrome body £80.09
LH088 Rear lamp rectangular, chrome body, clear lens £32.75
LH105 'Gothic' Rear lamp ST44 £463.30
LH110 Red lens, Gothic lamp - semi-elliptical £25.88
LH111 Red lens, Gothic lamp - rectangular £25.88
LH113 Amber lens, Gothic rear lamp, rectangular £25.88
LH114 Amber lens, Gothic lamp, semi-elliptical £25.88
LH120 Bulb, headlamp, 36/36. £10.52
LH123 Bulb, headlamp, 12v 60w. SCC £34.55
LH135 Bulb, 12v, 45w, equal spade Bosch fitting £13.86
LH137 233 Bulb, 12v, 4w, bayonet fitting £1.36
LH146 Bulb, Lucas 3/4" dia single pole, 12v, 45W £6.61
LH281 Bulb,12v 2W, "peanut", instrument panel £1.29
LH290 Bulb, 12v 21w amber capless for LH318 £2.37
LH303 Single contact early bulb holder for LH125.36w,12v POA
LH316 Single contact parallel pin bulbholder. Body diam. 21/32", 17mm £11.61

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