LA: Chassis wiring

Chassis wiring

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Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
LA001 Conduit kit, 3 1/2L £164.60
LA002 Conduit kit, 4 1/4L £187.36
LA010 Conduit, Flexible, 6 mm bore, galvanised steel, as original, per inch £0.16
LA020 Conduit, Flexible, 10mm Bore, galvanised steel, as original, per inch £0.16
LA030 Conduit, Flexible, 12mm Bore, galvanised steel, as original, per inch £0.21
LA040 Conduit, Flexible, 16mm Bore, galvanised steel, as original, per inch £0.23
LA050 Conduit, Flexible, 20mm Bore, galvanised steel, as original, per inch £0.30
LA055 Conduit, Flexible, 21mm Bore, galvanised steel, as original, per inch £0.21
LA060 Conduit, flexible, 28mm bore, galvanised steel, as original, per inch £0.35
LA070 Ferrule, for 6mm bore conduit (LA010) £2.67
LA080 Ferrule, for 10mm bore conduit (LA020) £2.84
LA090 Ferrule, for 12mm bore conduit (LA030) £5.50
LA100 Ferrule, for 16mm bore conduit (LA040) £4.30
LA110 Ferrule, for 20mm bore conduit (LA050) £4.71
LA115 Ferrule, for 28mm bore conduit (LA060) £6.20
LA120 Ross-Courtney terminal assembly 2BA 1.5mm £0.65
LA125 Ross-C'tney term'l, assembly 2BA 2.5mm £0.54
LA127 R-C terminal assembly 2BA, 12.7 mm O/D, 2.5 sq mm wire size £0.77
LA130 Ross-Courtney terminal assembly, 3BA 1.5mm £0.66
LA137 R-C terminal assembly 5/16, 20.6 mm O/D, 10 sq mm wire size NOT AVAILABLE £1.28
LA140 Ross-Courtney terminal assembly 4BA POA
LA143NF Cup, R-C terminal, 5BA. natural £0.43
LA144NF Washer, R-C terminal 5BA natural £0.07
LA145 Ross-Courtney terminal kit £54.12
LA146 D51032Z Terminal, dynamo connection, 20hp, 20/25, 25/30 & 4 1/4L Bentley, for 3/16" stud £6.17
LA147 D70736/pc160 Terminal, dynamo connection, Bentley 3 1/2L, P1 & P2, for 1/4" stud £6.62
LA150 Ring terminal, 3BA 1.5mm, uninsulated £0.56
LA160 Ring terminal, 3BA 2.5mm, uninsulated £0.57
LA162 Cup, R-C terminal, 5BA. 1.5mm £0.35
LA163 Washer, R-C terminal 5BA. 1.5mm £0.16
LA170 Terminal, battery cable, positive £9.82
LA180 Terminal, battery cable, negative £9.82
LA270A Flag type eyelet, 3/16" £0.43
LA296 Terminal, Butt (red), 3.3 mm £10.50
LA300AC Cable, 14030 cotton covered, various colours, per foot £0.59
LA399 Cable, 14030 armoured, per foot £2.81
LA400AC Cable, 28030 cotton covered, various, per foot £0.79
LA500AC Cable, 44030 cotton covered, various, per foot £1.02
LA600C Cable, 3-core red, white & black, in black cotton sheath £1.52
LA605C Cable, 9-30, black cotton covered, per foot £0.56
LA610C Cable, 4-core red, black, white and green, black cotton covered £2.08
LA620P Cable, battery, PVC,per foot £2.27
LA640C Cable, 2-core red, & black thin wall,in black cotton sheath £1.61
LA640P Twin sheath black/red 14/0.30, PVC £0.82
LA804A Sleeving, braided black, 5mm - 21mm bore, per foot £1.11
LA806A Sleeving, woven, 6mm, per foot (white) £1.23
LA810A Sleeving, woven, 10mm, per foot (white) £1.00
LA826A (USE LA826C) Heatshrink, black, 2.4mm, per metre £0.76
LAR001 Conduit kit, 20/25, not assembled £140.43
LAR005 D54783 Conduit kit, 25/30: not assembled £134.60

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