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Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
GK040 Bearing, fan, front £17.15
GK050 Bearing, fan, rear £23.66
GK060 E52115 Bush, fanbelt adjuster £22.88
GK080 E52867 Nut, adjusting, fanbelt £47.63
GK090 E52868 Spacer, fanbelt adjusting nut £3.88
GK100 E82866 Nut, locking, fanbelt adjuster £21.30
GK130 EB221 Fanbelt, all small horsepower except Wraith £14.64
GKA005 E4391 Fan blade, not reinforced, early Silver Ghost POA
GKA010 E21140a/SE101 Fan blade, reinforced, Silver Ghost £36.17
GKA020 Fanbelt, linked, Silver Ghost POA
GKA040 Bearing, fan, Silver Ghost £61.53
GKA050 Bearing, fan, Silver Ghost £45.42
GKB010 E52000/E52290 Fanbelt, linked, 20HP, whittle, use 44" series A+B, 45 3/4" series C-K £5.34
GKB020 E51093 Washer, fibre, fan hub, 20hp and 20/25 POA
GKC010 E74487/PE237 Fan blade, Phantom 1 all series and Phantom 2 £17.57
GKC020 E71102/pe132 Felt seal, fan rotor, Phantom 1 all series and Phantom 2 £3.03
GKC030 Bearing, front, fan, Phantom 1 £23.66
GKC035 Bearing, rear, fan, Phantom 1 £34.91
GKC050 E71109 Bush, fan adjuster, Phantom 1 and 2 POA
GKC060 Fanbelt, Phantom 1 all chassis POA
GKC080 E71100 Gasket, fan hub rear, Phantom 1 and Phantom 2 POA
GKC090 E71101 Gasket, fan hub front, Phantom 1 and Phantom 2 POA
GKC100 E71179 Plug, centre of fan spindle, Phantom 1 V on, Phantom 2 POA
GKD010 Fanbelt, Phantom 2 £21.30
GKD020 Bearing, front, fan, Phantom 2 £34.91
GKD030 Bearing, rear, fan, Phantom 2 £23.66
GKR010 Fanbelt, Wraith £16.01

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