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Camshaft and followers

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Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
GH001 E55337 Cam follower yoke - 3 1/2 L, 20 & 20/25 £133.82
GH002 EB2592 Cam follower yoke - 4 1/4 L £133.82
GH015A Cam follower roller and pin, pair £27.05
GH030 EB176 Spring, cam follower £6.92
GH045 Cambalancer roller and pin pair £34.83
GH050 EB1115 Pin, cambalancer £11.84
GH060 EB1116 Spring, cambalancer £9.45
GH064 EB1104 Cambalancer cover plate, 3 1/2L £32.27
GH070 Thrust washer, cam front bearing £11.56
GH090 EB1085 Camshaft, Bentley 3 1/2L £2361.74
GH095 EB2746 Camshaft, Bentley 4 1/4L, not M-series £2361.74
GH096 EB3240 Camshaft, 4 1/4L M-series £2361.74
GH105 Bush, cam front bearing, 3 1/2L £48.58
GH120 E55633/4 Cam bearing - centre £77.13
GH125 E50338 Threaded dowel, cam bearing £8.53
GH130 E55574/5 Cam bearing - intermediate POA
GH145 E60040 Bush, front cam bearing, 4 1/4, 20/25 GXB62 on and 25/30 £50.11
GH150 EB113 Gasket, tappet cover, 3 1/2 L £9.58
GH160 EB2712 Gasket, tappet cover, 4 1/4 L £2.84
GH180 E59702 Gear, camshaft driving, 4 1/4L, 20/25 GXB62 on and 25/30 £355.37
GHA010 E2906/SE236 Valve tappet, oversize, Silver Ghost series A-H £94.59
GHA015 U365/SE123 Spring, tappet return, Silver Ghost series 1100 - U £5.75
GHA020 E17362 Adjuster screw, valve tappet, Silver Ghost all £16.93
GHA025 E300/SE069 Lever, tappet, Silver Ghost 1400 - B series £146.13
GHA026 E3364 Lever, tappet, Silver Ghost, C - H series POA
GHA027 E13714 Lever, tappet, Silver Ghost, J - U series POA
GHA030 U720/SE137 Roller, cam follower, Silver Ghost, up to end of H series: 0.687" diam £13.07
GHA034 Roller pin rivet set, cam follower, Silver Ghost, series J - U: 0.850" diam £38.99
GHA035 E14350/SE118 Roller, cam follower, Silver Ghost, series J - U: 0.850" diam £25.33
GHA040 U385/SE119 Pin, tappet lever roller, Silver Ghost, all series £10.00
GHA045 U386/SE120 Rivet, retaining tappet roller pin, Silver Ghost all series £3.66
GHA050 U383/SE121 Pivot spindle for tappet lever, Silver Ghost all series £31.04
GHA100 SE161 Gasket, tappet lever access cover, Silver Ghost to series B £3.18
GHA110 E18086/SE160 Gasket, tappet lever access cover, Silver Ghost series C to U £3.18
GHA120 /SE162 Gasket, tappet to crankcase, Silver Ghost £1.98
GHA200 E892 Camshaft, Silver Ghost, 1500-2200 series POA
GHA201 E2657 Camshaft, Silver Ghost, 2300-H series POA
GHA202 E14234 Camshaft, Silver Ghost, J-U series POA
GHA220 E2632/4 Bearing, camshaft thrust, Silver Ghost £203.81
GHB010 E51342 Camshaft, 20hp, up to chassis GMK26 POA
GHB020 E54115 Camshaft, 20hp GXL1 to 20/25 GKT21 £2149.28
GHC010 E71254/PE192 Gasket, tappet cover, P1, Derby £5.72
GHC011 Gasket, tappet cover, P1, Springfield POA
GHC020 E74518/PE101 Spring, tappet, P1 £15.00
GHC030 E70307/PE102 Roller, tappet, with plain cam follower & early splined follower, P1 to end D2A £20.88
GHC030A Cam follower roller and pin pair, P1 to 90 in C2A (91EF) £34.39
GHC035 E76548/PE125 Roller, tappet, with splined cam follower, P1 series F2 on, some D2B & E2 £24.09
GHC040 E70305/PE103 Pin, tappet, with plain cam follower, P1 to 90 in C2A (91EF) £12.44
GHC045 E74455/PE126 Pin, tappet, splined cam follower, P1 from 91 in C2A series (92EF on) £12.44
GHC050 Pushrod, Phantom 1, up to 160 in V series POA
GHC055 Pushrod, Phantom 1, 161 in V series to end of D2A POA
GHC056 Pushrod, Phantom 1, series D2B - F2A POA
GHC065 Pushrod, with aluminium body, Phantom 1, replacement £61.50
GHC100 Bearing, thrust, camshaft : P1 £224.91
GHC101 E70165 Washer, 1.350" bore, thrust bearing, camshaft : P1 £75.92
GHC102 E70166 Ball cage, thrust bearing, camshaft : P1 £84.26
GHC103 E70167 Washer, 1.325" bore, thrust bearing, camshaft : P1 £73.44
GHC105 Bearing, radial ball, front of camshaft, Phantom 1 £71.25
GHC110 E72848 Camshaft, Phantom 1 £2221.52
GHC120 E70943 Screw, locating camshaft bearings, Phantom 1 & Phantom 2 £9.30
GHC130 E70168 Gear, camshaft driving, Phantom 1 £1388.46
GHC140 E71302/E71303 Bearing assembly, second, for Phantom 1 camshaft POA
GHC150 E70176/E70177 Bearing assembly, third, for Phantom 1 camshaft POA
GHC160 E70169/E70170 Bearing assembly, centre (fourth), for Phantom 1 camshaft POA
GHC170 E70174/E70175 Bearing assembly, fifth, for Phantom 1 camshaft POA
GHC180 E71258/E71259 Bearing assembly, sixth, for Phantom 1 camshaft POA
GHD010 E80070/PE268 Camshaft, Phantom 2 £2280.56
GHD020 /pe216 Bearing set, 2 - 7, camshaft, Phantom 2 £1149.24
GHD040 E78529/PE208 Spring, cam follower, P2 £6.54
GHD045 E83405 Spring, cam follower, Phantom 2 series O2 on £6.54
GHD081 Spacer sleeve, cam follower assembly, Phantom 2: modified £13.26
GHD090 E76686/pe294 Guide, lower, cam follower, Phantom 2 £74.59
GHD095 E76683 Guide, upper, cam follower, Phantom 2 POA
GHD100B Cam follower, P2, hard chrome faced £182.83
GHD100M Cam follower, P2, with oil groove £134.40
GHD110 E76682/pe267 Adjuster, screw cup, top of cam follower, Phantom 2 £23.07
GHD120 E76553 Gasket, tappet cover, Phantom 2 £3.66
GHN010 EW1731 Bearing, front of camshaft, housing complete with bushes, Wraith £128.84
GHN020 EW924 Bush, camshaft front bearing, Wraith POA
GHR010 E52833 Gasket, tappet side cover 20hp, 20/25 £6.76
GHR035 E53764 Cam follower spring, 20hp £4.22
GHR060 Bearing, front, 20hp L series on, 20/25 camshaft (early) (5) £47.69
GHR065 E57177 Camshaft, 20/25 GKT22 - end of B2 series £2149.28
GHR070 E59699/E59919 Camshaft, 20/25 C2 to end of E2 series £2149.28
GHR090 E51435 Gear, cam driving, 20hp to end of K series POA
GHR095 E54529 Gear, cam driving, 20hp L series to 20/25 GXB61 POA
GHR100 EW1880 Gear, cam driving, Wraith £625.22
GHR110 EW853/854 Bearing, intermediate, camshaft, Wraith £166.88
GHR115 EW1419/1420 Bearing, centre, camshaft, Wraith £151.27
GHR120 EW1467 Cam follower, Wraith £93.60
GHR130 E51890 Pushrod, 20hp, to end of J series, 8.700" overall length POA
GHR131 E54161 Pushrod, 20hp, K & L series, 8.925" overall length POA
GHR132 E54534 Pushrod, 20hp, M series onwards, 20/25 to GKT21, 9.100" overall length POA
GHR133 E57226 Pushrod, 20/25 GKT22 to end, 9.150" overall length POA
GHR160 EW1228 Gasket, tappet cover, Wraith £3.38

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