AD: Bulkhead and fittings

Bulkhead and fittings

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Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
AD015 Sponge rubber sheet, bulkhead seal to scuttle, Bentley. £41.80
AD020 Rubber extrusion, edge of bulkhead : one car length £25.05
AD030 Clip, retaining rubber extrusion £2.19
AD035 F87216 Rubber scuttle buffer, oval, side of bulkhead : adjustable. £30.42
AD036 F100389 Rubber scuttle buffer, oval, side of bulkhead : fixed £31.95
AD040 Screw, nut and washers assembly, bulkhead retaining £37.53
AD041 F79208 Screw, bulkhead retaining assembly. £16.89
AD045 F50729 Rubber washer, rear face of scuttle rail £8.21
AD046 F79207 Rubber sleeve, through top timber scuttle rail £7.04
AD047 F80727 Rubber washer, between scuttle rail & bulkhead £5.87
AD048 F55879 Rubber mounting washer, in bulkhead £5.45
AD049 F83215 Rubber mounting washer, face of bulkhead £8.21
AD050 Bulkhead chassis plate, Bentley £83.18
AD060 Rubber seal, steering column anti-fume cover. £1.61
AD110 DB209 Conduit elbow, O/S bulkhead £33.65
AD130 DB211 Wiring Conduit central retaining casting £89.03
AD150 DB210 Conduit elbow, N/S bulkhead £33.65
AD190 Bolt, conduit elbow on bulkhead, 3BA x 1.562" £6.25
AD200 /pc163 Bolt, conduit elbow on bulkhead, 3BA x 1.500" £6.25
ADR015 Sponge rubber sheet, bulkhead, small hp RR. £31.34

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