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Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
AC010 FB530 Clip, aluminium, ride control pipe £2.96
AC020 F53028 Clip, aluminium, petrol pipe £3.24
AC025A Clip, steel, zinc plated, for 3/16" pipe £0.60
AC030 Clip, steel, ride control pipe £0.85
AC030B Clip-brass, 6mm pipe £1.17
AC035A Clip, steel, zinc plated, for 5/16" pipe £0.60
AC050 F78207 Clip, aluminium, single, 5/32" 1-shot pipe £2.14
AC053 Chassis Clip large,39mm long, max cable 10.0mm £0.67
AC055 USE AC054 Clip-single, 3/16" 1-shot pipe, steel. £1.56
AC060 F85229 Clip, aluminium, double, 1-shot pipe £2.69
AC070 Clip, oil pressure gauge pipe £2.91
AC080 Clip for 10 mm wiring conduit £2.07
AC090 Clip for 12 mm wiring conduit £2.81
AC100 Clip for 16 mm Wiring Conduit £2.44
AC110 Clip for 20 mm Wiring Conduit £3.08
AC120 Clip, buckle, aluminium, electrical (178mm x 8mm) £0.89
AC120A Clip, buckle, aluminium, electrical (89mm x 8mm) £0.34
AC130 Clip, temperature gauge capillary £10.59
AC140 P-clip, coolant hose (not original equipment) £1.90
AC170 Cable clip, 5.0mm x 7.9mm, zinc plated. £0.34
AC173 Cable clip, 7.1mm x 9.5mm, zinc plated. £0.38
AC175 Cable clip, 4.8mm x 12.7mm, zinc plated. £0.57
AC176 Cable clip, 4.8mm x 15.9mm, zinc plated. £0.46

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