Why regular servicing of your car is vital

Why regular servicing of your car is vital

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There are many reasons to have your car serviced regularly. Here are just a few:

1. To ensure that your car is safe and roadworthy

Remember the days of MOTs for pre-war cars? MOT tests were a great way of ensuring a car was safe to be on the road. Now that pre-1960s cars do not require an MOT it is possible for faults to go undetected. By servicing your car regularly you can be confident that your car is roadworthy.

2. To ensure that your car is running efficiently

It is quite possible to drive a car which is not at its best, even if it is roadworthy. Servicing includes engine adjustments and checks to ensure a car is performing at its optimum, resulting in a better driving experience.

3. To check for signs of deterioration

Deterioration can occur so slowly that it is easy to miss. Regular servicing can highlight signs of deterioration so they can be dealt with before they become a serious problem.

Low mileage cars
You might think that a low annual mileage equals less servicing; fewer miles means less wear on components. Yes? Well, not really! Little or lack of use can be just as damaging, with one-shot systems draining, lubricants deteriorating, fuel systems issues due to the properties of modern petrol, and tyres perishing or suffering from standing in one spot.

Winning combination
Regular use + routine servicing = best driving experience.