How shock absorbers can transform your driving experience

How shock absorbers can transform your driving experience

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The pre-war Rolls-Royce suspension is more sophisticated than many people realise and when in good order it can transform the behaviour of the car and the driving experience.

The shock absorbers are an integral and important part of the suspension ‘package’. In the final development of the Rolls-Royce hydraulic shock absorber, which was also used extensively after the war, the performance is controlled by a lever under the driver’s control. This enables him or her to vary the ride to suit the driving conditions. In addition, the effectiveness of the shock absorbers increases as the road speed of the car increases.

Earlier versions of the Rolls-Royce hydraulic shock absorber lack the ‘Ride Control’ function of the later units but perform an equally critical function.

Four shock absorbers are fitted to each car, and each is different. In addition, the design of the shock absorber changed in detail over the ten years or so that it was in use pre-war. As a result, there are over thirty different units fitted to the various small horsepower chassis.

How can I tell if the shock absorbers are underperforming?

- When the shock absorbers are not working well they do not reduce the road spring vibration effectively, and the suspension can feel ‘bouncy’ as a result.

- Cornering can feel unstable.

- The shock absorber(s) are covered in oil due to a leak(s). In this condition they will not be performing effectively and overhaul is strongly recommended.

When shock absorbers are functioning correctly the result is a smoother and safer drive.

Overhauled shock absorbers
For a number of years we have stocked various overhauled units to be supplied on an exchange basis. We are currently overhauling a large batch of small horsepower units to extend the range. If you would like to take advantage of this and order an exchange shock absorber (preferably a pair, as they should be matched) please contact us with your chassis number, and we can provide you with further details. We are running a special offer on shock absorbers; please enquire for more information.