Focus on quality: cylinder head gaskets

Focus on quality: cylinder head gaskets

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We aim to offer you the highest quality parts, manufactured to our exacting standards and designed to provide the best performance. One example of this is our cylinder head gaskets. We have worked exclusively with a specialist, independent gasket manufacturer based in the UK to bring you the best quality parts.

Our cylinder head gaskets:

  • Manufactured using the most modern filler material to give uniform clamping pressure across the gasket face
  • Eyeletted bores as per original Rolls-Royce design
  • Made in the UK

Improved design: small horsepower cylinder head gaskets

Small horsepower gaskets are prone to failure between the cylinder bores so we have also strengthened the gasket in this area:

  • Strengthened around the stud holes between the cylinder bores where the gasket is most likely to fail

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