Fiennes Bentley Specials

Fiennes Bentley Specials

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Sometimes it just is not economical to restore bodywork when cars are well past their prime. When panels and structural aspects go beyond a certain point, restoring them is uneconomic for some owners. Occasionally we receive cars where the bodywork has been taken off the chassis and scrapped because they have passed the point of economic repair.

A number of Derby Bentley Specials have been through our workshops, as customers choose to put this style of body on their vehicle for various reasons: they are very light-weight; they can take less time to create than restoring the existing bodywork; they perform well in sprints and hill climbs; they cost less to achieve and often make the car considerably more valuable. Once the springs have been re-calibrated to suit the reduced weight the overall performance is impressive.

Below are some photos of a selection of Derby Bentley Specials we have worked on. Do contact us if you are interested in creating something similar. Maybe you have a suitable car with tired coachwork as a starting point, or we can advise on one you have come across or have seen on the market – from time to time we know of suitable potential cars – do get in touch.