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All cars need regular servicing which is we why we have designed three levels of service, to cover different requirements. Servicing is performed by our team of highly experienced Rolls-Royce and Bentley specialists. Why service your car?

S1 Recommended annually or every 5000 miles
An extensive inspection of your car and adjustments made in the following areas: coachwork, mechanical and electrical. Checks and adjustments are followed by a road test. Depending on the model of car there are approximately 85 items in the service schedule which are checked.

Small horsepower: £920 Now £736: SAVE £184
Large horsepower: £1200 Now £960: SAVE £240

S2 Recommended every two years or 10,000 miles
The S2 service includes all the details of the S1 service, with attention given to the additional areas of engine tuning and maintenance, and clutch and suspension.

Small horsepower: £1840 Now £1472: SAVE £368
Large horsepower: £2300 Now £1840: SAVE £460

S3 Recommended every three years or 20,000 miles, or for any car that is being recommissioned after long term storage
A full comprehensive inspection of your car including all details from S1 and S2 services with the added benefit of the following: repacking hub bearings with grease, cleaning and re-greasing all road springs, and an in-depth inspection of the braking system and fuel system.

Small horsepower: £3560 Now £2848: SAVE £712
Large horsepower: £4300 Now £3440: SAVE £860

All prices above are subject to VAT at 20%. *Terms and conditions apply (see below.)

We can arrange for your car to be collected and returned to you at an additional cost.

*Terms and conditions apply.  The offer: Service prices detailed above cover the labour element only of the S1, S2 and S3 service.  A discount of 20% is available on the labour element for services booked into our workshop schedule by 31st January 2019 using the discount code Service20. Materials/parts required to complete the service are extra and will be invoiced at full rate.  Payment in full for the service, materials and any additional costs must be made by bank transfer before the car is collected or returned.  Transportation of your car is available on request and a charge will be made for this service.  Any additional work commissioned as a result of the service is not eligible for discount and will be charged at the hourly rate in place at that time.  Prices given exclude VAT. This offer can be withdrawn at any point, without notice, at the discretion of the management.