Check your car is not a fire risk

Check your car is not a fire risk

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Cars with original wiring can be a major fire risk. The original wire had rubber insulation which over the years perishes, becomes brittle and breaks down; this can lead to short circuits. Either the car can fail to proceed as a result, or it may even catch fire.

So, how can you tell if your car has its original wiring? The first thing to do is check the car’s service history – perhaps it has been rewired during the last couple of decades.

Alternatively, examine the wiring in the car where it is visible, for example the connections to the dynamo or the horn wire at the base of the steering column. If there is a combination of modern plastic or PVC cable as well as original cotton covered cable almost certainly the PVC has been introduced in an attempt to overcome previous problems. The photographs below show examples of new wire and a piece of original cable that is failing.

New cotton covered cable

A selection of new original style cotton covered cable, complete with modern insulation

Old original wiring

An example of old original wiring which can pose a significant fire risk

An owner whose car has any original wiring should consider having the car rewired.

We are regularly rewiring cars and have an extensive stock of original style cotton covered cable with modern insulation, flexible conduit and ferrules and Ross Courtney terminals to complete the work.

If you are concerned in any way about the wiring of your car please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very happy to discuss the options with you.