1907 Diatto Clement Targa Florio 2016

1907 Diatto Clement Targa Florio 2016

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The Carburettor...

This Diatto A Clement took part in the 2016 Targa Florio. Preparing the car in our workshops was a pleasure not only because it gave us the opportunity to work on such a rare and historic car, but also because we were able to work with the car's custodian and together we enabled the Diatto to take part in the same event that it first participated in 100 years earlier.

While in our workshops we prepared the car for the rally this included tuning the engine, reconditioning the brakes, repairing the radiator.

As well as all the rally preparations, we were tasked with the not entirely simple challenge of installing a dyno-start to allow the engine to be fired up without having to use a starting handle. Part of the challenge was to make absolutely sure the whole unit could be removed at any point without leaving a trace that it was ever installed to assure the car's ongoing originality.

The dyno-start installed

Below you can see 4 screenshots of the Diatto taking part in the Targa Florio 2016