Rolls Royce 20hp - GF67

Rolls Royce 20hp - GF67

Rolls-Royce 20hp Chassis Number GF67

GF67 was delivered to its first owner in February 1924. Originally fitted with a limousine body by Hooper, its early service history is recorded by Rolls-Royce up to 1934; the last change of ownership recorded by Rolls-Royce was in 1948.

As originally built, the chassis was not fitted with front wheel brakes and had a three-speed gearbox. It is now equipped with front wheel brakes, a four-speed gearbox having a brake servo and the appropriate brake equalisers and linkage. The conversion to front wheel brakes has all the hallmarks of being done by Rolls-Royce with the correct factory parts being used throughout.

The car was acquired by the current owner some forty years ago, but fitted with a ‘Woody’ body. The chassis then underwent a mechanical overhaul. The intention had then been to rebody the car, but this was never completed. Instead the restored chassis was put into store, where it stayed for over twenty five years.

Earlier this year the chassis was recommissioned, to the extent that it can be driven, albeit not on the highway! The engine runs well, and all parts of the running gear appear to function as intended. This is now ready to have a body fitted, which can be created in the style of your choice.

The following photos where taken having removed the body panels visible in the photos above.