Derby Bentley

Derby Bentley For Sale

A very rare Derby Bentley 4 1/4L with Park Ward pillarless saloon coachwork.

This is being sold as a project car which started as a Concours restoration but the owner has decided not to continue with the project.

A substantial amount of time and money has been spent on this car already but there is still much to be done, including coachwork. The restoration of the chassis has been completed along with the axles, suspension, engine, wiring, fuel system etc. A new ash body frame complete with doors has been fabricated and fitted to the chassis.

The body has started to be panelled as you can see in the photographs, but a significant amount of work is required to complete this section of the project.

However, this is an unusually styled and very attractive car which will certainly stand out from the crowd, being one of a very small number ever made.

Price £ Open to offers