Rolls-Royce Wraith


The ultimate pre-war small horsepower Rolls-Royce, the Wraith was more refined than the 25/30. It had an improved engine with a crossflow cylinder head and independent front suspension, similar to the larger Phantom III. However production was curtailed by the intervention of World War 2 and it therefore remains a comparatively rare car.

Production numbers: 491

Technical Specifications:

Engine: 6 cylinders, capacity 4257cc. Monobloc with detachable cast iron 6-plug head, deturbulated from 1937. Overhead pushrod operated valves. 7-bearing crankshaft with vibration damper. Pressure fed lubrication with relief valve feeding rocker shaft and timing gears. Oil capacity 14 pints.

Ignition system: Coil system with standby coil mounted together. Centrifugal advance with hand override.

Cooling system: Engine driven water pump and fan. Thermostat. Fixed radiator shutters.

Carburation: Stromberg downdraught carburettor, fixed jet, with accelerator pump. Water heated inlet manifold.

Fuel: 18 gallon rear tank with double SU pumps mounted on the chassis. Electric gauge. Low fuel warning light.

Transmission: 4-speed gearbox in unit with engine. Synchromesh 3rd and top. Right hand gearchange. Clutch, single dry plate type. Open drive propeller shaft.

Suspension: Independent coil spring front suspension incorporating adjustable hydraulic dampers. Semi-elliptic rear springs, hydraulic dampers. All dampers automatically adjusted to suit road speed but can be over-ridden by driver.

Brakes: Internal expanding 4 – wheel operation with independent handbrake on the rear wheels. Mechanical brake servo motor driven from the gearbox.

Steering: Marles cam and roller steering box.

Chassis lubrication: ‘One-Shot’ centralised lubrication system.

Jacking system: Integral hydraulic jack on each wheel operated from within the car by a hand pump and lever.