Bentley 3½ L

Bentley 3 ½ Litre 1933-35

In order to get a new car into production in the shortest possible time after the takeover of Bentley Motors, Rolls-Royce based the new 3 ½ litre Bentley on the experimental Rolls-Royce ‘Peregrine’. It used a similar engine and gearbox to the Rolls-Royce 20/25, although substantial modifications had been made to ensure that the new car had a much more sporting character with outstanding performance to match.

Production numbers: 1191

Technical Specification

Engine: 6 cylinders, capacity 3699cc. Separate cast iron block and two-piece aluminium crankcase with detachable cast iron 6-plug head. Overhead pushrod operated valves. 7-bearing crankshaft with vibration damper. Pressure-fed lubrication with relief valve feeding rocker shaft and timing gears.

Ignition system: Coil ignition system with standby coil mounted together. Centrifugal advance with hand override.

Cooling system: Engine driven pump and fan. Thermostatically controlled radiator shutters.

Carburation: Twin SU carburettors with hand-operated choke mounted on water-heated manifold.

Fuel: 18 gallon rear tank with double SU pumps mounted on firewall. Electric gauge.

Transmission: 4-speed gearbox in unit with engine. Synchromesh on 3rd and top. Right hand gearchange. Clutch, single dry plate type. Open drive propeller shaft.

Suspension: Semi-elliptic leaf springs front and rear. Hydraulic dampers, equipped with Ride-Control from 1934.

Brakes: Internal expanding 4 – wheel operation with independent handbrake on the rear wheels. Mechanical brake servo motor driven from the gearbox.

Steering: Worm and nut.

Chassis lubrication: Centralised ‘One-Shot’ lubrication system.