1903 Cadillac

1903 Cadillac after recommissioning

This historic 1903 Cadillac was re-commissioned by Fiennes Restoration after a lengthy period in storage to enable it to undertake a re-enactment of its earlier achievements.

The car has been owned by the same family for its entire life. Its first owner was the UK agent for Cadillac, and this car was among the first that he imported. It was a participant in the 1904 '1000 Mile Trial', an event intended to promote the motor car as a viable means of transport to a sceptical public. A further 'Trial' was organised in 1914, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first event. Again the fiftieth anniversary was marked by a further re-enactment. The Cadillac participated in both of these subsequent events. Finally, in 2004 on the 100th aniversary of the first trial it once again achieved a total of 1,000 miles of motoring on consecutive days, being driven by a descendant of the first owner.

1903 Panhard engine

The bottom end of the Panhard engine laid out
The bottom end of the Panhard engine

This engine was the driving force in a 1903 Panhard. The car was one of the first batch of Panhards imported into the UK by the Honourable Charles Rolls, and subsequently was owned by his father Lord Llangattock.

The crankcase is in effect a pair of twin cylinder crankcases siamesed together to generate a four cylinder. A simple concept, but one unlikely to produce a very rigid unit.

We were commissioned at short notice to refurbish the crankshaft bearings and connecting rods in preparation for the 2005 Brighton Run.