Bentley Mark 6 Special

Not quite what it seems - a Bentley Mark 6 Special, in the style of W O Bentley

A Bentley Mark 6 Special, constructed in the style of W O Bentley

From this...

Chassis assembly beginning

This Bentley Special was created from a derelict Bentley Mark 6 chassis. It may well offend the purist, and does not deceive the knowledgeable. However it represents a car that has been saved from the scrapyard to be cherished by the present and future owners, and undoubtedly will give tremendous pleasure at the same time. this.

The finished car, resplendent in British Racing Green

Bodywork under construction

A completely new bonnet is made for the car.
The new bonnet is being fitted to the car.

Detail of headlamp mountings

All fittings are designed and made for the particular project.