Suspension Overhaul

The pre-war Rolls-Royce suspension, whether the earlier leaf springs or the later coil spring independent front suspension, was very sophisticated in the detail of the design, and very efficient. In general we find that original spring leaves do not lose their temper, necessitating resetting and retempering. It is more usual that individual spring leaves require renewal due to wear and corrosion. Where we service springs which have previously been reset or re-arched we often find that a proportion of the spring leaves have cracked. Our road springs are remanufactured to Rolls-Royce standards, to provide the variation in spring rates and load capacity as originally specified. All leaf springs are set up and tested finally on our Spring Tester, to ensure the correct performance when refitted to the vehicle.

Shock dampers are overhauled and reset to original performance, incorporating modern oil seals to eliminate troublesome oil leaks. These are tested dynamically on a Shock Damper Test Machine, to verify their correct function.