Gearbox Overhaul

Rolls-Royce and Bentley gearboxes are generally extremely robust and long-lived. However after many years of hard work they will benefit from the fitting of new bearings, resetting the clearances of the critical components, and very occasionally the fitting of new gears. The majority of the parts required are manufactured by ourselves and kept in stock.

While overhauling the gearbox the brake servo motor and ride control pump (if fitted) will also receive attention.

Wraith gearbox components

Wraith gearbox awaiting reassembly
The Wraith gearbox is equipped with synchromesh on three gears. These parts have been overhauled prior to reasemby

Among our stock of new parts for gearboxes we have a large number of original 'new old stock' Rolls-Royce manufactured gears. These may be incorporated in a gearbox overhaul as necessary.

The Wraith gearbox assembled

The Wraith gearbox assembled

New gears for the Silver Ghost

During the restoration by P&A Wood of AX201, the original Silver Ghost, we were commissioned to make a new set of gears for the gearbox. Despite being straight cut they are amazingly quiet.

Examples of new gearbox parts from stock

This picture shows a new reverse shaft for the Wratih gearbox, a Bentley synchro hub, a third motion shaft and Bentley first speed gears.