Routine Servicing

Routine servicing and road worthiness check

Regular routine maintenance is vital to keep the cars at their peak, but it must be said that regular use is almost as important. We undertake routine maintenance on both fully restored vehicles, and also those which are in less pristine condition. The latter will benefit from a programme of planned improvements over time combined with the routine maintenance, which we are very happy to arrange for owners.

Specific attention may be given to the chassis lubrication system. The correct functioning and regular use of this will greatly extend the mechanical life of the vehicle. There are those who feel that the 'Bijur' or 'Enots' One-Shot Chassis Lubrication System is not effective and would seek to improve or change it. True, if it is allowed to deteriorate over a long period of time or is not used regularly parts of the mechanism not receiving oil as intended will suffer badly. However the longevity of the cars is due in some measure to the original lubrication system. We see no reason to change the system apart from incorporating the few small modifications made by Rolls-Royce during the production of the cars.

From 18th November 2012 cars built before 1960 no longer have to pass an annual MoT, although owners can still undertake a voluntary test. To provide owners with peace of mind and to ensure cars are kept healthy and in the best possible condition we can offer an annual road worthiness check, which can be combined with a routine service. Contact us here or call us on 01367810438 for more information.