NA: Pedals and related linkage

code RR code title unit price
NA010 Pedal shaft complete, Bentley B157AE onwards £258.56
NA030 Spherical bearing, pedal shaft, spring loaded, Bentley D-series on £140.48
NA035 Spherical bearing, pedal shaft inboard, plain £112.73
NA040 F84518 Bush, clutch and brake pedal £22.75
NA060 Adjustable link, clutch, late POA
NA062 GB1455 Spherical bush, eyebolt, late 3 1/2L, 4 1/4L and 25/30 £19.02
NA100 Pedal Rubber (clutch and brake only) £36.51
NA110 Felt buffer, clutch & brake pedal £1.2
NA115 Felt buffer, accelerator pedal, to end of L-series £0.74
NA116 Felt buffer, accelerator pedal, M-series £1.2
NA130 FB787 Buffer spring - pedal arm 3 1/2L £5.8
NA135 FB2642 Buffer spring - cl.&br. pedal arm 4 1/4L £6.2
NAA010 F6927/SC120 Pedal rubber, Ghost, P1 and P2 £55.37
NAR100 F50497 Pedal rubber 20hp, 20/25 & 25/30, Wraith, P3 (clutch and brake only) £43.27