MA: Exhaust system

See Rolls-Royce Springfield Phantom 1: A series
code RR code title qty unit price
JDA015 3303204/SE130 Gasket, Ghost manifold and P1 to series F2A 8 £3.41
JDR439 E79294/ZPE079 Gasket, exhaust manifold, P1 F2B - H2 4 £6.3
MAC013 Exhaust manifold, front, P1 Springfield with iron head 1 £1019.2
MAC021 Exhaust manifold, rear, P1 Springfield with cast iron head 1 £1019.2
MAC028 E71975 Union, exhaust hotspot pipe, to rear manifold, Phantom 1 1 POA
MAC030 E71972/PE148 Gasket, Manifold to downpipe, P1 2 £9.53
MAC040 E72881/pe141 Gasket, front to intermediate pipe, Phantom 1 series V - H2 1 £4.26