MA: Exhaust system

See Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost: F series
code RR code title qty unit price
JDA015 3303204/SE130 Gasket, Ghost manifold and P1 to series F2A 12 £3.41
MAA010 E11a/SE079 Exhaust manifold complete, rear, Silver Ghost without front wheel brakes 1 £845.98
MAA011 U1711/SC179 Union, manifold to downpipe, Silver Ghost 2 £47.01
MAA020 E10/se071 Exhaust manifold complete, front, Silver Ghost without front wheel brakes 1 £845.98
MAA050 U1712 Ring, exhaust downpipe joint, no chamfer, fitted to manifold side, Silver Ghost 2 £13.4
MAA055 U1712/se141 Ring, exhaust downpipe joint, with chamfer, fitted under downpipe lip, S Ghost 2 £13.4
MAA060 U1713 Nut, exhaust manifold to d'pipe joint, Silver Ghost, to ser R (no f.w. brakes) 2 £77.4
MAA070 /se132 Gasket, exhaust downpipe joint, Silver Ghost without FWB 2 £5.25
MAA090 U1720 Washer, spherical, exhaust joint to front expansion box, Silver Ghost 1 POA
MAA100 U1729 Nut, union, front silencer, Silver Ghost all series 1 POA