LB: Ignition system

code RR code title unit price
LB010 D72503 Coil, side entry £551.96
LB011 Cap, side entry coil £69.76
LB012 Knob, retaining coil cap £44.51
LB012A Neoprene seal for knob which retains coil cap £1.54
LB013 Screw, side of coil £29.51
LB020 Bearing - distributor £17.15
LB030 E50798 Fibre washer, distributor base £2.59
LB040 K4713 Split taper pin, distributor drive £2.65
LB041 E50774 Gasket, base of distributor tower £2.63
LB050 D74176A/71501A Contact breaker points - set (Not early 20HP) £54.41
LB051 D71430 Spring, contact breaker £2
LB055 Stirrup link, anchorage, contact breaker spring POA
LB060 R7274/D54828A Rotor arm £48.37
LB061 D54829 Blade, distributor rotor arm £5.04
LB067 SE195 Spring/carbon contact (set), small HP, S.Ghost S - U, P1 & P2 £13.2
LB095 D71005/R7273? Distributor cap, with central HT feed, Bentley 3 1/2L to end of CR ser, P1 & P2 £185.7
LB100 D51470 Distributor cap (incl carbon contact), with socket for side entry HT connection £185.7
LB105 D50942 Screwed knob, centre of distributor cap £31.36
LB106 D51222 Spring, below central knob, distributor cap £5.08
LB107 D50944 Plunger, below central knob, distributor cap £5.34
LB110 Ignition high tension lead, per foot £1.58
LB120 Numbered sleeves - ignition leads, Bentley : set of 6 £48.34
LB130 Terminal, to spark plug - ignition leads £1.68
LB130PL Terminal, dull nickel plated - Ignition leads £2.59
LB141 Spark plug (replacement) including spacer washer £6
LB142 Spacer, for use with short bodied spark plug £2.19
LB145 Knurled spark plug connector nut £1.81
LB145PL /se142 Knurled spark plug connector nut, dull nickel plated £2.57
LB150 Jackplug - distributor base, cap £58.44
LB160 E50703 Threaded connector, distributor cap H.T. lead. £15.58
LB170 E50704 Rubber seal, distributor, high tension terminal £0.58
LB175 D50945 Rubber seal, distributor cap central knob £0.59
LB180 D50110 Brass disc, distributor, high tension terminal £0.44
LB205 Bakelite housing, ballast resistor, bare £63.45
LB206 Knurled thumb nut retaining ballast resistor £20.29
LB215 DW295 Winding, ballast resistor £6.41
LB220 EB547 Spring, distributor centrifugal advance, to 100 in K series £11.07
LBA010PT /SE176 Contact screw set, 4BA , Watford magneto, platinum tip, Silver Ghost, P1 & P2 £117.48
LBA011 Spring, main, Watford EW6 magneto contacts POA
LBA025 U511/SE223 Screw, contact, coil ignition Silver Ghost series 1100 - H £36.64
LBA028 E17935a/SE055 Screw, contact, coil ignition Silver Ghost series J - R £36.64
LBA030 U510A/SE222 Blade assembly, LT contact, coil ignition Silver Ghost series 700 - R £29.29
LBA035 E466/SE209 Contact blade assembly, trembler coil, Silver Ghost £95.22
LBA038 E277/SE210 Screw, contact, trembler coil, Silver Ghost £117.19
LBA040 T2713/se208 Spring, under trembler coil armature blade, Silver Ghost £3.03
LBA050 E17644/se105 Driving pin, magneto, Silver Ghost £72.54
LBA055 E17640/se106 Driving block, magneto, Silver Ghost £54.88
LBA060 C1148/SE107 Cover, left hand thread,coupling, magneto end, Silver Ghost £42.48
LBA061 E17643 Cover, left hand thread,coupling, magneto end, Silver Ghost series A - R POA
LBA065 C1276/SE108 Cover, right hand thread,coupling, magneto end, Silver Ghost £42.48
LBA066 E17645 Cover, right hand thread,coupling, magneto end, Silver Ghost series A - R POA
LBA070 K5039/se149 Washer, for magneto coupling cover, Silver Ghost series 1100 on £5.23
LBA100 E1973/se154 Tube support, 2" diam., magneto wires, Silver Ghost £73.25
LBA105 E1418/se206 Tube support, 1 3/4" diam., magneto wires, Silver Ghost £80.58
LBA110 U1104/se065 Tube support, trembler coil ignition wires, Silver Ghost £117.19
LBA120 /SE058 Conduit set for HT leads, POA
LBA130 C43/se143 Terminal, spark plug connection, Silver Ghost £11
LBA200 U444/SE242 Shaft, main, governor/distributor, Silver Ghost £175.77
LBA210 /SE178 Bearing, lower, ignition tower, Silver Ghost £168.46
LBA220 U437aU442/se077 Bearing, thrust, ignition tower, below drive gear, Silver Ghost £212.4
LBA225 U436aU441/se177 Bearing, thrust, ignition tower, above drive gear, Silver Ghost £212.4
LBA240 T1920/SE073 Spring, moderator, governor control, Silver Ghost £39.83
LBA250 /se186 Brush, magneto armature earth, Watford magneto £3.03
LBA255 /se188 Brush & spring, magneto points carrier earth, Watford magneto £4.54
LBA260 /se191 Brush, distributor rotor, Watford magneto £4.54
LBA261 /se192 Brush, distributor rotor, Bosch magneto £4.54
LBA265 C189/se172 Brush & spring, 0.25" diam, small distributor, Silver Ghost 1909 - series 1600 £4.54
LBA270 /se054 Brush & spring, 6mm diam, small distributor, Silver Ghost 1909 - series 1600 £4.54
LBA275 /se183 Brush & spring, coil & magneto distributor, Silver Ghost 1700 - R series £4.54
LBA280 /se187 Brush, carbon button, magneto points earth, all Silver Ghost £4.54
LBA285 /se189 Brush & spring, HT pick up, Watford E06 magneto, Silver Ghost £4.54
LBA290 /se190 Brush & spring, magneto armature earth, all Silver Ghost £5.87
LBA350 Body, distributor, Springfield Silver Ghost and Phantom 1 (American Bosch) POA
LBB130 E51071 - 6 Numbered wire markers - HT leads, 20hp, 20/25, 25/30 and Bentley : set of 6 £48.34
LBB135 E51070 Number 0 wire marker - HT king lead, 20hp, 20/25 £10.65
LBC010 Cap, Dejon distributor, late Springfield Phantom 1 £56.66
LBC020 Rotor arm, Dejon distributor, late Springfield Phantom 1 £22.12
LBC030 Contact breaker set, Dejon distributor, late Springfield Phantom 1 £29.56
LBC110 E71190-5 Numbered wire markers, magneto HT leads, parallel bore, P1 & P2, set of 6 £61.53
LBC120 E52369-74 Numbered wire markers, coil HT leads, parallel bore, Ph 1 & Ph 2, set of 6 £61.53
LBD010 E74839/pe222 Spring, magneto return, P2 £10.1
LBD160 E78105/pe257 Connection extension, spark plug, Phantom 2 £8.53
LBH020 Condenser, Phantom 3 £39.15
LBH030 Bearing - Distributor (brass cage), Phantom 3 £37.83
LBH040 Oil seal - Distributor, Phantom 3 £9.02
LBN015 DW409 Rotor arm, Wraith C-series only £50.59
LBN050 Contact breaker set, Wraith C series only £63.57
LBR050 Bearing, distributor tower, lower, P2 £28.07
LBR055 D74372 Contact breaker points set, RR 20hp to GWL end and Phantom 1 £52.89
LBR060 RD8550 Rotor arm, Wraith and Mk6, suppressed £58.12
LBR100 Bearing, Watford magneto armature £46.03
LBR140:2 Spark plug 20hp, 20/25, P1 & P2, S Ghost £5.45
LBR141A Spark plug P3 and Mk VI £3.92
LBR650 Contact breaker points - set, Wraith A and B series and post-war to 1955. £122.26