KB: Water pump

See Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost: S series
code RR code title qty unit price
KBA010 T2667/se221 Drive coupling, water pump, Silver Ghost 1 £33.7
KBA020 E2610/se238 Gland nut, knurled brass, water pump, Silver Ghost 2200 to U 1 £43.95
KBA030 E113/E4075se136 Gasket, water pipe to block, Silver Ghost 7 £5.34
KBA040 E114/E4074se135 Gasket, water pipe to pump, Silver Ghost 2 £5.34
KBA090 /se125 Gland packing, water pump, Silver Ghost 1 £10.02
KBA110 E18300 Gasket, water pump cover, Silver Ghost J series on 1 £6.25