KB: Water pump

code RR code title unit price
KB001 Overhaul kit, water pump, Bentley, 20/25 GMU22 on & 25/30 £255.26
KB004 Water pump, Bentley, not M-series, exchange £608.08
KB010 R7267 Spindle, water pump, 20/25 GKT10 on, 25/30 & Bentley £90.82
KB020 E57797 Impellor, water pump, 20/25 GMU22 on, 25/30 and Bentley £66.47
KB030 E50203 Thrust plug, water pump, all small h/p except Wraith £2.76
KB040 E77686 Gasket, waterpump cover, 20/25 GMU22 on, 25/30, Bentley & P2 £2.42
KB050 E55316 Aluminium washer, water pump £7.49
KB061 Bush, plain, water pump 20hp GFN1 on, 20/25, 25/30 and Bentley £20.76
KB070 E54692 White metal bush, water pump, 20hp GFN1 on, 20/25, 25/30 and Bentley £48.28
KB075 E56106 Gland ring, outer £45.34
KB076 E56107 Gland ring, inner £22.77
KB077 E56105 Spring, water pump gland ring £11.46
KB080 E55397 Gland packing, water pump. £12.08
KB085 E56148 Nut, water pump gland £34.2
KB090 E50201 Gasket, water pump to elbow £1.96
KB100 E54933 Gasket, elbow to block £2.22
KB110 E50940 Bolt, elbow to water pump £6.35
KB116 E56147 Cap, screw-down greaser, water pump £40.25
KB120PL Water Y-pipe 3 1/2L £201.5
KB125PL Water Y-pipe 4 1/4L, not 'M'. £201.5
KB127PL Water Y-pipe 4 1/4L, M series £201.5
KB170 EB2080 T-piece, water pump heater union £87.94
KB180A Spring, water drain tap, 0.500" £3.92
KB180B Spring, water drain tap, 0.625" £3.92
KBA010 T2667/se221 Drive coupling, water pump, Silver Ghost £33.7
KBA020 E2610/se238 Gland nut, knurled brass, water pump, Silver Ghost 2200 to U £43.95
KBA030 E113/E4075se136 Gasket, water pipe to block, Silver Ghost £5.34
KBA040 E114/E4074se135 Gasket, water pipe to pump, Silver Ghost £5.34
KBA090 /se125 Gland packing, water pump, Silver Ghost £10.02
KBA110 E18300 Gasket, water pump cover, Silver Ghost J series on £6.25
KBC010 E72110/pe135 Shaft, water pump, P1 £92.78
KBC015 E74867 Shaft, water pump, P1 52EH on £120.12
KBC016 /pe099 Shaft, water pump, P1 Springfield £110.56
KBC020 E70353/PE136 Impellor, water pump, P1 £67.45
KBC030 E70358/pe164 Bush, inner, water pump, P1 £32.65
KBC040 E70357 Bush, outer, water pump, P1 to 51EH £35.16
KBC041 E76227 Bush, outer, water pump, P1 52EH on £48.99
KBC045 Bush, outer, water pump, P1, Springfield £116.81
KBC050 E71329 Gasket, water pump body, P1 £3.07
KBC060 E70360 Thrust plug, water pump, P1 £6.13
KBC070 E76228 Spring, gland ring, water pump, Phantom 1 52EH on POA
KBC080 E70359 Gland ring - one piece, water pump, Phantom 1 to 51EH £54.71
KBC085 Gland ring - one piece, water pump, Phantom 1 Springfield £101.26
KBC090 Gland packing, water pump, Phantom 1 & 2 £12.6
KBC100 E70355/PE165 Nut, knurled, compressing water pump gland, P1 £50.04
KBC110 E71323/pe056 Gasket, water pump to pipe, Phantom 1. £4.54
KBC130 E70587/pe057 Gasket, water inlet to block, Phantom 1, also P2 water gallery £3.78
KBC140 E70588 Hose, pump to cylinder block inlet pipe, P1 £5.41
KBC500 /PE059 Thermostat kit, cooling system, P1 £476.1
KBD055 E80405 Cover, aluminium, water pump, P2, L2 series to 50 in O2 POA
KBD070 E78293/pe265 Pipe, water pump inlet, Phantom 2 £97.93
KBD080 E77250 Pipe, water pump feed to front block, Phantom 2 to 50 in O2 £278.98
KBD085 E77251 Pipe, water pump feed to rear block, Phantom 2 £284.15
KBD095 E77261 Gasket, water pump to suction bend, Phantom 2 £3.78
KBD100 E77252 Gasket, water pump to delivery pipe, Phantom 2. £5.24
KBD105 E77254/pe057 Gasket, water gallery to block, Phantom 2 £3.78
KBD110 E81040 Nut, knurled, compressing water pump gland, P2 £57.83
KBD150 E77219 Mounting collar, carrying water pump, Phantom 2 £262.26
KBR001 Water pump, 20hp to GTM, exchange. £608.08
KBR002 Water pump, 20hp GFN1 to 20/25 end O series, exchange. £608.08
KBR003 Water pump, 20/25 GGP to GMU21, exchange. £608.08
KBR004 E58437 Water pump, 20/25 V series on and all 25/30, exchange. £608.08
KBR010 E50185 Water pump shaft, 20hp to end of M-series £88.84
KBR011 E55361 Water pump shaft, 20hp GFN1 - 20/25 GKT9 £106.84
KBR012 EW1994 Water pump shaft, Wraith, C series £44.74
KBR013 E87045 Water pump shaft, Wraith, A & B series, threaded. £86.03
KBR020 E50187 Impellor, water pump, 20hp to end of M-series £108.29
KBR021 E55778 Impellor, 20/25 GGP1 - GMU21 £59.73
KBR025 E50220 Washer, pump body to inlet pipe, 20hp £2.57
KBR040 E50219 Gasket, pump cover, 20hp & 20/25 up to GMU21 £2.72
KBR060 E50193 Lead bush, water pump, 20hp to end of M-series £32.07
KBR070 E50190 White metal bush, 20hp pump to end of M-series £53.45
KBR080 E50192 Nut, water pump gland, 20hp to end of M-series POA
KBR081 E55791 Nut, water pump gland, 20hp M-series to end, early 20/25 £34.91
KBR085 EW1439 Nut, water pump gland, Wraith £21.98
KBR100 E50202 Gasket, water pump elbow to block, 20hp & 20/25 £7.59
KBR110 EW906 Gasket, water pump connection, Wraith £6.79
KBR115 EW1383 Hose connection, Wraith water pump to block £0.96
KBR126 EW875 Impellor, Wraith water pump, threaded bore, A & B series £126.27
KBR145 EW1993 Impellor, Wraith water pump, plain bore, C series £85.9
KBR150 EW1382 Elbow, Wraith water pump to block connection £108.16
KBR160 Water pump, Wraith, complete (C series), also fits A & B series £1291.64
KBR310 E79269 Spindle, water pump, Phantom 2 series K2 on £106.23
KBR315 E79882/pe212 Thrust screw, adjustable, P2 water pump £38.08
KBR320 E80365/R7179 Impellor, water pump, P2 £60.22
KBR360 E77234/pe235 Inner bush, water pump, Wraith A&B series, P2 & P3 £22.3
KBR370 E77386 Bush, white metal lined, water pump, P2 £67.61
KBR380 E79243 Washer, aluminium, water pump, Wraith and P2 £8.48
KBR400 E87043 Bush, outer, Wraith water pump (all) £36.87
KBR401 E77387 Gland ring outer, Wraith (all) & P2 pump £40.1
KBR402 E77388 Gland ring inner, Wraith (all) & P2 pump £29.48
KBR403 EW905 Gasket, Wraith water pump (all) £5.18
KBR404 EW1995 Screw, thrust, Wraith water pump C-series £7.23
KBR405 E77385 Gland spring, Wraith (all) & P2 pump £11.46
KBR411 Bush, inner, Wraith water pump C-series £20.76
KBR412 EW1996 Thrust collar, Wraith water pump C-series £12.73
KBR413 EW1997 Thrust pad, Wraith water pump C-series £20.78
KBR415 E86449 Thrust screw, adjustable, Wraith pump A & B series, Phantom 3 £30.96
QAW021 F10886 Aluminium washer, 0.562" x 0.312" x 0.90mm £0.48
QRW250 Washer, spher. 1/4" x1/2" rad, exhaust manifold & water pump clamp £3.92