JD: Carburettor

See Rolls-Royce Springfield Silver Ghost: R series
code RR code title qty unit price
JDA015 3303204/SE130 Gasket, Ghost manifold and P1 to series F2A 12 £3.41
JDA020 /SE132 Gasket, carburettor to manifold, Silver Ghost 1 £5.25
JDA080 Piston assembly, extra air valve, Silver Ghost 1 POA
JDA106 U1004/se157 Diaphragm disc, suction chamber, Silver Ghost series 1909 - U 1 £6.59
JDA107 E21066/se153 Washer, aluminium, below air valve suction chamber, Silver Ghost 1 £4.54
JDA110 U1360/SE099 Needle valve, low speed jet, Silver Ghost 1 £50.39
JDA120 E2491/SE100 Low speed jet, Silver Ghost, 1700 on 1 £49.09
JDA130 U1310/SE225 Needle valve, high speed jet, Silver Ghost 1 £56.39
JDA140 U996/SE224 High speed jet, Silver Ghost 1 £49.09
JDA150 U1426/SE145 Spring, extra air valve, Silver Ghost 1 £16.12
JDA160 U1008A/SE098 Needle valve, assembly, float feed, Silver Ghost 1 £54.36
JDA180 /SE220 Lever and bracket for float assembly, Silver Ghost 2 POA
JDA190 E21023/SE144 Spring, starting carburettor, Silver Ghost series P - U and P1 to end C2 1 £6.59
JDA200 E3769/SE072 Inlet manifold, Silver Ghost, short throttle body, D to part P series (primer) 1 POA
JDA210 E21629/SE072 Inlet manifold, Silver Ghost, long throttle body 1 £3045.9