'Help' Page

The Sections listing displays the parts to be found in one particular section of the car. This includes not only the parts peculiar to the section, but also the more generic parts such as studs, special nuts, aluminium and locking tab washers. Parts for all the prewar cars are listed together. Thus you will find parts for Silver Ghost chassis listed with parts for all the other pre-war chassis types such as Phantom 3 and 20/25

To make it easier to select the parts relevant to a particular chassis series a filter is provided to allow just those parts in a particular chassis series to be viewed.

To use the Chassis Filter first select the chassis Section that you are interested in. At the top of the page you will see a box which contains the title 'All Models'. Click on the down arrow beside the box, and select your chassis series from the drop-down list that is presented. Then click on 'Filter'. The parts that are then displayed are those fitted to the specified chassis series. If the quantity of a part that is required is known this is also displayed.

If a part that is listed is shown in italics there is a degree of uncertainty about the range of application of that part within the given chassis series. This may be because the information we have is uncertain or ambiguous about the part, and we are unable to be specific about its applicability. Or it may be that during the course of the chassis range the part changes to or from another. In these circumstances please enquire and we will do our best to advise you of the correct part for your application.

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