GJ: Sump,oil pump, pipes and filter

See Rolls-Royce Phantom 1: G2A series
code RR code title qty unit price
GJC010 /PE147 Oil pump, P1, RHD version only 1 £1117.22
GJC013:1 E72849 Gear, driving, oil pump, P1, O/S 1 £216.22
GJC014:1 E72850 Gear, driven, oil pump P1, O/S 1 £111.65
GJC047 E76290 Spring, OPR valve inter & low pressure, P1 series D2 on 2 £4.36
GJC050 E28162/pe086 Valve, oil pressure relief, P1 D2 - H2 & P2 1 £65.49
GJC055 E75748/pe085 Spring, oil pressure control valve high press., P1 D2 on & P2 1 £7.32
GJC060 E23327/pe175 Float, oil level indicator, Phantom 1: pair of corks to make one float 2 £7.32
GJC070 E71386/pe194 Gasket, sump to crankcase N/S, Phantom 1 1 £8.43
GJC075 E71387/pe195 Gasket, sump to crankcase O/S, Phantom 1 1 £8.43
GJC080 E75103 Gasket, body, oil relief valve, Phantom 1, series D2 on 1 £2.29
GJC100 /PE072 Oil filter conversion kit, P1 with RHD 1 £343.44
GJC180 E71260/PE193 Gasket, sump oil drain, P1 1 £4.54
GJC190 E72467/PE158 Washer, fibre, top of oil servo relay, P1 1 £3.78
GJC200 E74468/PE159 Washer, fibre, top of oil servo relay, P1 1 £3.78
GJC215 E75104 Gasket, oil valve to crankcase, P1, series D2 onwards 1 POA
QTWC106 E72857 LTW, oil feed pipe to timing gear, P1 1 £1.65