GH: Camshaft and cam followers

See Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost: F series
code RR code title qty unit price
GHA015 U365/SE123 Spring, tappet return, Silver Ghost series 1100 - U 12 £5.48
GHA020 E17362 Adjuster screw, valve tappet, Silver Ghost all 12 £16.12
GHA030 U720/SE137 Roller, cam follower, Silver Ghost, up to end of H series: 0.687" diam 12 £12.45
GHA040 U385/SE119 Pin, tappet lever roller, Silver Ghost, all series 12 £9.52
GHA045 U386/SE120 Rivet, retaining tappet roller pin, Silver Ghost all series 12 £3.49
GHA050 U383/SE121 Pivot spindle for tappet lever, Silver Ghost all series 12 £29.56
GHA110 E18086/SE160 Gasket, tappet lever access cover, Silver Ghost series C to U 7 £3.03
GHA120 /SE162 Gasket, tappet to crankcase, Silver Ghost 12 £1.89
GHA200 E892 Camshaft, Silver Ghost, 1500-2200 series 1 POA
GHA220 E2632/4 Bearing, camshaft thrust, Silver Ghost 1 £194.1