GH: Camshaft and cam followers

See Rolls-Royce Wraith: A series
code RR code title qty unit price
GHN010 EW1731 Bearing, front of camshaft, housing complete with bushes, Wraith 1 £122.7
GHR100 EW1880 Gear, cam driving, Wraith 1 £595.45
GHR110 EW853/854 Bearing, intermediate, camshaft, Wraith 4 £158.93
GHR115 EW1419/1420 Bearing, centre, camshaft, Wraith 1 £144.07
GHR120 EW1467 Cam follower, Wraith 12 £84.18
GHR160 EW1228 Gasket, tappet cover, Wraith 2 £3.22
QTW222 EW1627 LTW, Wraith camshaft nut, front 1 £6.15