GF: Crankshaft vibration damper

See Rolls-Royce Phantom 1: G2B series
code RR code title qty unit price
GF070 Spring, pressure, Bentley, 20hp GFN65 on, 20/25 and 25/30, P2 J2 - K2A 20 £11.02
GFC010 PE073/PE104 Friction washer, black, P1 and P2 to K2A 2 £15.83
GFC020 E70816/pe081 Friction washer, spring drive, 4.1" diam, P1 and P2 to K2A 1 £14.65
GFC025 E70795/pe082 Friction washer, spring drive, 4.5" diam, P1 and P2 to K2A 1 £14.65
GFC042 E77443 Drive spring, in damper hub, Ph1 45 in G2 to 124 in G2 8 POA
GFC090 E73270 Nut, retaining damper on crankshaft, Phantom 1 and Phantom 2 to K2a 1 POA
QTW232 E73272/pe295 LTW, crank damper central nut, P1 and P2 to K2A 1 £7.32
QTW233 E71174/PE077 LTW, crank damper friction plate bolts, P1 and early P2 4 £5.87