GF: Crankshaft vibration damper

See Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost: T series
code RR code title qty unit price
GFA010 E2724/SE114 Spring, driving, Ghost. 8 £9.52
GFA020 SE113/SE075 Friction washer, black, Ghost. 2 £20.5
GFA030 E1721/SE116 Spring, damper flywheel, Ghost, P1 and P2 to K2A 20 £9.52
GFA040 E2726/SE115 Spring, drive shoe, expands damping shoes, Silver Ghost series 2300 on 2 £5.94
GFA050 E24630/E2622 Drive shoe with pad, crank damper, S. Ghost (series 2300 on), EXCHANGE ONLY 2 £17.1
GFA060 E2714 Lining, friction, drive shoe, crank damper, Silver Ghost series 2300 on 2 £14.76