GD: Flywheel and clutch

See Rolls-Royce Phantom 1: H2 series
code RR code title qty unit price
GDC010 G72600/PE075 Lining, clutch stop, Phantom 1 1 £28.18
GDC011 G72601 Rivet, clutch stop lining, Phantom 1 6 £0.2
GDC015 G73313/pe050 Sleeve, flanged with internal splines, clutch stop, P1 1 £205.1
GDC035 G78856 Lining, clutch, P1 series G2B - H2, 34 holes 2 £94.36
GDC040 G74198/pc144 Rivet, clutch lining, Phantom1 all series and Phantom 2 to series S2 68 £0.43
GDC055 G76289/pe214 Plate, clutch centre, 8 mounting holes, P1 series G2B, H2, & P2 series J2 - M2 1 £253.59
GDC056 G76303 Bolt, retaining 8-hole clutch centre plate, P1 G2B to P2 M2 series 8 £5.41
GDC057 G76304 Gasket, either side of clutch centre plate, P1 ser G2B, H2, & P2 ser J2 - M2 2 £3.14
GDC066 G76279/80 Bearing, thrust, clutch withdrawal, P1 G2B series on 1 £214.41
GDC068 G73622 Sleeve, clutch withdrawal, P1 to end of G2A series 1 POA
GDC069 G76285 Sleeve, clutch withdrawal, P1 G2B series on 1 POA
GDC070 /pe074 Bearing, spigot support, centre of flywheel, P1 all series 1 £58.86
GDC075 G73922 Housing & cover, spigot & front clutch support bearings, Phantom 1, X series on 1 £225.78
GDC080 Bearing, 90mm O/D, rear clutch plate support, P1 all series 1 £105.47
GDC090 Bearing, 80mm O/D, front clutch plate support, P1 all series 1 £87.88
GDC120 G73491 Spring, clutch, std. pressure, P1 8 £10.18
GDC130 G73710 Spring, clutch damping device, behind flywheel plate, P1 series B2 on, P2 4 £9.28
GDC145 G76095 Spring, clutch disengagement, Phantom 1 G2B on 1 £7.73
GDC190 G76290 Coupling shaft, clutch drive, Phantom 1 series G2b on 1 £255.66
QNT207 K4009 Nut, thick, steel 5/16 BSF 8 £0.4
QTW128 XB7106R LTW, 1/4" bore 4 £1.96