GD: Flywheel and clutch

See Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost: 5 series
code RR code title qty unit price
GDA030 G4466 Ring, oil retainer, flywheel, Silver Ghost 1 POA
GDA080 U1487 Spring, clutch thrust, Silver Ghost 1 POA
GDA090 Bearing, clutch spring thrust, Silver Ghost 1 £264.06
GDA100 Bearing, clutch thrust release, Silver Ghost 1 £123.04
GDA105 G661 Washer, packing, behind clutch thrust, Silver Ghost 1 £33.66
GDA110 G6919/se163 Gasket, ring, flywheel to clutch, Silver Ghost 1 £7.75
GDA130 G6464/C811 Lining pad, clutch stop, Silver Ghost 1 £12.19
GDA140 U1477/SC136 Rivet, clutch stop lining, Silver Ghost 6 £0.38