GC: Crankshaft and connecting rods

See Rolls-Royce Springfield Silver Ghost: R series
code RR code title qty unit price
GCA006 Fibre washers, set of 25 for crankshaft plugs, Silver Ghost series J on 1 POA
GCA010 Big end bearing shell & shim engine set, Silver Ghost 1 £1580.64
GCA092 E17686 Bolt, big end, Silver Ghost series J on 12 POA
GCA100 E17756/SE237 Bush, little end, interference fit, Silver Ghost series J on 6 £20.67
GCA105 E17756/se140 Bush, little end, fully floating, Silver Ghost 6 £26.37
GCA130 K1207/SE068 Bolt, crankshaft to flywheel, Silver Ghost 6 £12.45
QTWA100 U602/SE066 LTW, crankshaft journal plug, Silver Ghost 2 £3.03