GB: Cylinder Block

See Rolls-Royce Phantom 1: G2A series
code RR code title qty unit price
GBC010 E71394/PE197 Gasket, block to crankcase, P1. 2 £10.3
GBC030 E77108 Cylinder block, front, Derby P1, 'aluminium head' 1 £3567.22
GBC035 E77109 Cylinder block, rear, Derby P1, 'aluminium head' 1 £3567.22
GBC060 /pe174 Sleeve, cast iron, to repair corroded water holes, top face of block, P1 £3.03
GBC090 E73374 Tube, cylinder block water jacket, P1 30 £4.24
GBC100 E72354/pe112 Plate, water jacket side cover, front, P1 1 £275.03
GBC110 E72355A/pe113 Plate, water jacket side cover, rear, P1 to end of F2A 1 £275.03
GBC115 R1733 Gasket, water jacket side cover, Phantom 1 2 £4.03
GBC120 /PE096 Cylinder liner, plain, P1 6 £93.75
GBC130 /PE157 Cylinder liner, stepped, P1 6 £131.21
GBC145 E76717 Hollow dowel/water nozzle, cylinder block, P1 series F2B onwards 2 £6.56
GBC150 Piston assembly, standard, P1 6 £290.22
GBC165 Piston assembly, +0.025", P1 6 £290.22
GBC185 Piston assembly, +0.045", P1 6 £290.22
QBAFS203700RR K1907 2BA screw, steel, cheese-head, x 3/8", RR style 51 £2.37