GA: Cylinder head

See Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost: A series
code RR code title qty unit price
GAA010 /SE214 Valve, 1.9" head diam., Silver Ghost 12 £54.31
GAA015 /SE110 Valve, 2.03" head diam., Silver Ghost 12 £62.37
GAA020 Valve, 2.03" head diam., with oversize stem, Silver Ghost 12 £62.37
GAA030 E24723/SE109 Valve guide, bronze, Silver Ghost series R - U 12 £65.92
GAA035 /se203 Steel strip for valve cotters, sufficient for 3 valves: Silver Ghost all series 4 £3.03
GAA060 C924/SE129 Collar, for parallel valve spring, Silver Ghost series 100 to G 12 £7.76
GAA080 C916/SE111 Valve spring, parallel, Silver Ghost series 1100 to G 12 £11.34
GAA120 /SE131 Gasket ring, valve cover plug, Silver Ghost. 12 £5.72