FC: Cross steering tube

See Rolls-Royce Phantom 2: N2 series to 44MS
code RR code title qty unit price
FCD020 G77867 Ball pin, cross steering tube, Phantom 2 series K2B on 2 £174.13
FCD040 G77461 Ball pad, adjustable, cross steering tube, Phantom 2 to 50 in O2 series 2 £68.64
FCD050 G77462 Ball pad, inner, cross steering tube, Phantom 2 all series 2 £98.1
FCD070 G77458 Tapered cotter, steering joint, Phantom 2 2 POA
FCR150 G77483 Cover, P2 cross tube steering joint, to end of N2 2 £67.71
QSN132 E6883 Nut, castle, 1/4 BSF x 0.325 long, Bentley crownwheel, P2 crank damper outer 2 £2.57
QSNR134 F51437 Nut, castle, 1/4" BSF sph'cal seat, 20hp, 20/25&30, P1&P2, X-steering tube 6 £2.93