FB: Side steering tube

See Rolls-Royce Phantom 2: J2 series
code RR code title qty unit price
FBD010 F80567a/pc229 Ball pin, rear of side tube, P2 1 £104.55
FBD020 G77399/pc220 Ball pin, front of side steering tube, P2, series J2 and K2A 1 £128.81
FBD050 F76267 Spring, side tube balljoint, Phantom 2 4 £8.74
FBD060 F76262 Ball pad, side steering tube, Phantom 2 4 £128.66
FBD070 F79857 Socket, side steering tube end, front and rear, Phantom 2 2 £373.13
FBR140 F81256 Cover, side tube steering joint front & rear, P2 2 £77.5
QTWD120 F70615 LTW, ball pin, rear of side tube P1 & 2, frt damper P1 F2 on, P2 to M2 series 1 £6.43