FB: Side steering tube

See Rolls-Royce Phantom 1: W series
code RR code title qty unit price
FBA012 G70050 Ball pin, front and rear side tube Silver Ghost FWB chassis, front side tube P1 1 £117.22
FBA030 F4969 Ball pad, steering side tube, S Ghost ser. part G on, P1 to end D2, 4per chassis 4 £106.93
FBA055 F4614 Spring, side tube balljoint, Silver Ghost part G on, Phantom 1 to series B2 4 POA
FBC010 F71018 Ball pin, rear of side tube, Phantom 1 (Derby) 1 £122.05
FBR150 F9876 Cover, side tube, late Ghost, F & R, Phantom 1 to series B2 2 £62.17
QTWD120 F70615 LTW, ball pin, rear of side tube P1 & 2, frt damper P1 F2 on, P2 to M2 series 1 £6.43