FB: Side steering tube

See Bentley 4¼ L: M series
code RR code title qty unit price
FB010 G100782 Ball pin, side tube front (Use QSN128) 1 £114.7
FB020 G100444 Pad, outer, steering balljoint 1 £42.54
FB030 Pad, inner, steering balljoint 1 £64.76
FB040 G100431 Cotter pin, steering joint 1 £12.06
FB050 Pinch bolt, steering joint 2 £6.19
FB060 Leather cover, steering joint 1 £51.66
FB090 GB2304 Ball pin, rear, 175KU on 1 £114.7
FB100 FB606 Rear pad, rear balljoint 1 £105.07
FB110 FB605 Front pad, rear balljoint 1 £105.07
FB140 FB723 Guide, front pad stem. 1 £32.46
FB150 FB722 Guide, rear pad stem. 1 £32.46
FB160 G100432 Spring, cross tube, side tube front end 1 POA
FB170 FB604 Spring, rear joint side tube 2 £10.65
FB180 Rear end, side tube, 175KU on 1 £228.02
FB190 G100426 Washer, ball pin locating 2 £8.02
FB205 Clamp bolt, 2BA, for locking collar, side tube rear 2 £6.12
FB210 FB2560 Mud excluder, rear of side tube, Bentley L and M series 1 POA
FB211 FB2559 Spring, mud excluder, L & M series Bentley 1 POA
FB212 FB2558 Washer, retaining, mud excluder spring L & M series Bentley 1 £14.44
QSN101 Nut, steel, 2BA castle, spherical seat, steering joint pinch bolt 2 £4.4
QSN121 Nut, side tube rear pad adjustable 2 £5.29
QSN128 G53849 Nut, front ball pin, side steering tube 1 £4.49
QSN131 G73628 Nut, castle, 7/16 BSF for steering tube ball pin 1 £3.52
QTW135 G53224 LTW, st.side tube fr. ball pin 1 £6.3
QTW136 FB1504 LTW,side tube rear ball pad 1 £3.86