FAM: Marles steering box

code RR code title unit price
FAM010 Bearing supporting steering cam, Bentley and Wraith £141.37
FAM020 Bearing supporting steering rocking arm, Bentley and Wraith £142.29
FAM030 Roller follower assembly, Bentley and Wraith £431.76
FAM060 FW1486 Bolt, for FAM030 roller £64.21
FAM070 FW1487 Nut, retaining FAM060 bolt for roller follower £2.76
FAM092 Roller follower assembly modified with plain bore, 25/30 Marles steering box £499.75
FAM103 Bolt, cam follower bearing, modified £48.87
FAM105 Nut, 25/30 Marles steering box roller cam £4.3
FAMR010 Oil seal, 25/30 and Wraith steering box. £16.07
FAMR020 Bearing, supporting steering worm, 25/30 Marles box £122.35
FAMR030 F87136 Cup, bearing supporting rocking shaft, 25/30 & P3 £74.56
QTW133 F58678 LTW, steering column base of stator tube, Bentley £6.02
QTW134 F71842 LTW, steering column stator tube location, small HP and Phantoms £3.75
QTW200 F54842 LTW, steering column base of stator tubes, 20hp from 151 in J, 20/25 & 25/30 £5.47