FA: Steering box

See Bentley 4¼ L: M series
code RR code title qty unit price
FA041 Sealing ring, rocking shaft (modification) 1 £4.83
FA042 Carrier for sealing ring, rocking shaft (modification) 1 £82.31
FA127 Carrier, steering nut, reconditioned 1 £358.98
FA210 Bolt, steering wheel control centre 4 £13.44
QSN147 E16927 Nut, base of steering column stator tube, Bentley 1 £10.81
QTW133 F58678 LTW, steering column base of stator tube, Bentley 1 £6.02
QTW134 F71842 LTW, steering column stator tube location, small HP and Phantoms 1 £3.75