FA: Steering box

See Rolls-Royce 20hp: J series
code RR code title qty unit price
FA041 Sealing ring, rocking shaft (modification) 1 £4.83
FA042 Carrier for sealing ring, rocking shaft (modification) 1 £82.31
FA065 F54470 Gasket, outer column to steering box 1 £2.22
FA092 Nut and gimbal housing assembly, steering box. 1 £1181.86
FA127 Carrier, steering nut, reconditioned 1 £358.98
FA150 F53662 Race, inner, column top bearing 1 £149.3
FA160 F53663 Race, outer, column top bearing 2 £113.64
FAB110 F54860 Felt packing, top of steering column, 20hp N series on, 20/25 1 £3.2
QSNB100 F54135 Nut, steel, steering col bottom of stator tube, 20hp 151 in J on, 20/25 & 30 2 POA
QTW134 F71842 LTW, steering column stator tube location, small HP and Phantoms 1 £3.75
QTW155 F53665 LTW, steering column upper bearing nut 1 £6.23
QTWB101 E54139 LTW, Steering column base of stator tube, 20hp 151 in J to end of M series 1 POA